My name is Peter Thorogood. I’m an author and consultant in new media, living in Sydney.

That means that I write blogs, web pages and ebooks – I have more than a thousand postings on the internet.

My main area of my work is the need and opportunities for new business models and technologies as society becomes global and confronts the challenges of climate change, population and inequality.

I maintains a web site on Australian renewable energy news and events at www.aussierenewables.com.au, a blog about new business models and technologies at www.greenbizcafe.com and I have designed a free board game about renewable energy which is at www.gametobegreen.com.

I also have an interest in history and antiques – with a web site on the history and popular culture of the fifties and sixties (at www.menziesera.com), another on antiques (at www.portobello.com.au) and one about fossils and geology (at www.timerock.com)..

My ebooks can be found at www.lulu.com/spotlight/PeterThorogood.