The 19th century saw a variety of styles. Concurrently with the Empire style of the early 19th century was the Gothic Revival which was based on the idea that the Greek and Roman forms of the neo-classical furniture were pagan. The Gothic Revival, therefore, replaced the classical decoration with Gothic architectural elements while keeping the same basic forms.

From the 1820s in Europe and the 1840s in America, designers seeking a return to elegance created a Rococo Revival.

The 1860s saw a Renaissance Revival with large, straight-lined forms decorated with inlays and low relief carving. In France,  many pieces were also made in imitation of the Louis XIV and Louis XVI styles. The Louis XIV pieces often incorporated boulle marquetry or black lacquer with gilt detail and mother-of-pearl inlay. Some were mass produced using papier mache. The Louis XVI pieces were often in marquetry with imitation Sevres porcelain plaques.

Renaissance Revival sideboard (with painting of Ceres and Bacchus)
Renaissance Revival sideboard (with painting of Ceres and Bacchus)

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