Remued koala bookend
Remued koala bookend

The Premier Pottery was established at Preston, in Melbourne, by Walter Dee and Reg Hawkins, two potters who were out of work as a result of the Depression.

At first, Premier Pottery produced functional pieces very similar to English wares. But Dee soon began experimenting with glazes and developed a technique of overlaying different coloured glazes which ran into one another and fused in a random manner. These wares were called “Remued” after an investor in the company, Nonie Deumer (Remued backwards) who later married Hawkins.

From about 1933, Premier Pottery began applying Australian flora and fauna motifs, such as gum leaves and koalas, which were designed by Margaret Kerr, to their pottery. These proved very popular in Australia during the Depression when it was often difficult to afford imported pottery.

Premier Pottery scaled down during the Second World War and, although it increased production again after the war, it never regained its earlier inventiveness. The Pottery closed in 1956.


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