Lenox "Ming" pattern (1929)
Lenox “Ming” pattern (1929)

In 1889, a young artist-potter, named Walter Scott Lenox, founded a company dedicated to the proposition that an American firm could create the finest china in the world. He possessed a zeal for perfection that he applied to the relentless pursuit of his artistic goals. In the years that followed, Lenox china became the first American chinaware ever exhibited at the National Museum of Ceramics, in Sevres, France. In 1918, Lenox became the first American company to create the official state table service for the White House. Lenox china has been in use at the White House ever since.

Being founded by an artist, Lenox has always placed special emphasis on working with the very finest artistic talents available. The most celebrated of these was William Morley, often considered the greatest of all china painters.

Lenox is now the only major producer of fine china in the United States.

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