Coalport china cup & saucer
Coalport china cup & saucer

In 1750, Squire Brown began producing ceramics from clay and coal which was found on his estate, Caughley Hall, in Shropshire. On his death, he was succeeded by his nephew who, in 1772, joined by Thomas Turner, an eminent engraver and the originator of the Willow Pattern.

In 1799, the firm was sold to John Rose who moved it to the village of Coalport on the River Severn. By 1801, Coalport dinner services were selling for two hundred guineas – equivalent to several thousand dollars today. A richly decorated Coalport dessert service, which had been presented to Tsar Nicholas 1 of Russia by Queen Victoria, caused a sensation when it was shown at the Great Exhibition.

In 1926, Coalport moved from Shropshire to Stoke-on-Trent. In 1967, it became a part of the Wedgwood Group. Despite the changes, Coalport has continued to follow many of its traditional designs and models and has maintained its reputation for quality and craftsmanship.

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