Moorcroft "peony" ginger jar
Moorcroft “peony” ginger jar

William Moorcroft began working with the Burslem potter, James MacIntyre, in 1897. In 1903, Moorcroft developed a style known as Florian ware. In this, increasingly fine outlines in slip (liquid clay) are applied to a white clay body. The piece is then fired, glazed and fired again. The result is that the colours and glaze blend together forming a glasslike surface. Moorcroft’s Flaminian ware was produced mainly in pinks, yellows, blues and greens and flower designs.

In 1905, Moorecroft introduced Flaminian ware. This was monochrome lustre ware in red or green with muted decoration and simple, usually circular, motifs.

In 1913, Moorcroft opened his own factory, with staff from MacIntyre’s, at Colbridge in 1913.

Despite the onset of the First World War shortly after it opened, Moorcroft’s factory flourished with a strong export business. Designs were specially for the American, Canadian and Australian markets.

William Moorcroft’s son, Walter, took over the business in 1945 when William suffered a stroke. During the 1950s, Walter developed his own, more dramatic, style.

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