Cornish ware pot
Cornish ware pot

In 1864, Thomas Goodwin Green, an entrepreneur who had made a fortune in Australia, purchased a Derbyshire pottery and renamed it T G Green and Company. The company flourished to become one of Britain’s largest producers of domestic pottery, hospital and institution wares.

In 1926, T G Green introduced an range of blue banded kitchen and table ware, but particularly jars, which they called “Cornish kitchen wares”. (They did not originate in Cornwall and are supposed to have been named because the colours were reminiscent of the Cornish blue sky and white-tipped waves.) Cornish wares became extremely popular and established a significant export market, particularly to the British Empire

There was a major revival of Cornish wares in the 1950s with yellow and gold, and briefly red and black, versions also being produced. In the 1960s, the range was restyled and rationalised and this range is still being manufactured (with a green range recently added.)

T G Green was taken over by Cloverleaf in 1987.

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