Quimper plate (1910)
Quimper plate signed Henriot (1910)

Quimper in Brittany has been a centre of pottery production since the 17th century. Quimper’s first factory was established in 1695 by Jean-Baptiste Bousquet. At first the factory made blue and white faience but in 1743 the factory was taken over by Pierre Caussy who began making chinoiserie and rococo pieces in the Rouen style. Following its success, two other factories, Maison Eloury and Maison Tanquey, began manufacturing faience in Quimper. Maison Tanquey became known as HR after its owner Jules Henriot, while the original factory came to be called HB when it was bought by the Haibadiere family. Maison HR (Tanquey) took over the Eloury factory in 1913.

The best known Quimper wares are decorated with paintings of Breton men and women in traditional dress carrying out everyday tasks. Early production included fine decorative wares and figures similar to that produced by other French faience factories. The factories also produced huge amounts of tablewares, mostly painted with bold designs in vivid colours on a white or yellow background.

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