Gorham pitcher by William Christmas Codman (1904)
Gorham pitcher by William Christmas Codman (1904)

The Gorham company was founded, as Gorham Silver, in 1831. Initially, Gorham manufactured spoons and other small silver items from coin silver.

From about 1850 to 1940, Gorham silverware was highly influential. William Christmas Codman, one of Gorham’s most noted designers, created the Chantilly design in 1895, which became the most famous of Gorham’s flatware patterns. The company produced matching holloware in both sterling and silverplate.

In the early 1880s Gorham began casting ecclesiastical items, such as lecterns and, in 1889, began casting bronze statues.  The foundry went on to become one of the leading art foundries in the United States

In 1967, the company was purchased by Textron Inc, which continued to produce high quality Gorham silverware. In 1970, the Gorham unit purchased Flintridge China and continued to produce Flintridge patterns. Gorham also began producing its own china designs many of which were made to coordinate with their silver patterns. In 1984, Gorham ceased manufacturing its own china and began importing it from Japan.

In 1989, the Gorham unit was sold to Dansk International Designs, which was subsequently acquired by Lennox Inc.


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