The Denby Pottery Company, named after the village of Denby in rural Derbyshire, was formed in 1809.

Denby jug, cup & saucer (1960s)
Denby coffee pot, cup & saucer (1960s)

Denby’s first products were salt-glazed stoneware bottles and jars. By the 1870s, Denby was producing a wide range of utilitarian stoneware products including telegraph insulators, ink bottles, foot warmers, churns, mortars and pestles, pudding-moulds and water filters, as well as bottles and jars.

They also made terracotta wares and  decorative “hunting jugs” sprigged with moulded decorations of huntsmen, windmills, men smoking or beehives, sometimes with the handle in the form of a greyhound.

The company increasingly specialised in kitchenware and, eventually, in tableware, for which it is best known today.

In 1987, the company was taken over by the Coloroll Group. After Coloroll went into receivership in 1990, Denby was subject to a management buyout, and was floated in 1994. In 2010, Denby acquired Burleigh Pottery.

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