William Adams & Sons was established in 1769. It is among the oldest names in the Staffordshire pottery industry.

William Adams was the son of John Adams who had opened a pottery business in Staffordshire which became known as the Brick House Works. John Adams company primarily focused on reproducing designs that were being imported from the Orient.

William Admas pitcher (1790)
William Admas pitcher (1790)

In the 1780s, William Adams began production of Jasper wares to rival that of Wedgwood’s at his own factory, called the Greengates Works. Adams developed the “ironstone” formula. Ironstone china was an immediate sales success. Over the next century, Adam’s Ironstone continued to increase in popularity.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, Adams was a leading manufacturer of earthenwares, Parian creamware and Jasper wares. Many patterns of their patters, such as the popular Singapore Bird, showed considerable Oriental influence. 

In the early 1990s, the Greengate Works closed and, in 1966, Adams china became part of the Wedgewood group and Adams tableware continues to appeal to casual and fine china lovers alike.

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