Kosta Boda glassware
Kosta Boda glassware

The earliest Swedish glass was made at the Kungsholm Glasbuk which opened in 1676. The pieces produced were Venetian in flavour and highly ornate – often with stems formed from the royal initials, crowns used as handles and engraved coats of arms.

In the eighteenth century, a Bohemian influence was introduced with thicker glass, shorter stems and less elaborate decoration.

In 1691, a second Swedish glassworks, Skanska Glasbruket, was established to produce utilitarian glass. From 1715, decorative glass was also produced. This used thick, clear glass in simple shapes decorated with engraving which, despite using heraldic motifs, has the character of folk art.

The third Swedish glassworks, Kosta, was founded in 1742. It produced unpretentious pieces for daily use. Over the years, workers from Kosta broke away to form new glassworks in the same district. These included Orrefors and Strombergshyttan. These three remain among the finest manufactories of modern glass.

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