Bradman’s bat

The bat used by Don Bradman at the start of his his Test career in 1928 has been sold at auction in Melbourne for $60,0000 – more than $20,000 below the expected price.

The bat was signed by 19 members of English and Australian teams who played in the 1932-33 “bodyline” series, including Douglas Jardine and Harold Larwood. Don Bradman as “DGB”.

Bradman had donated the bat to the children’s hospital in Sydney to help raise money and it was owned by the boy who won the hospital’s fundraising competition until 2008, when he sold it for $145,000.

Since then, it has been on display at the National Sports Museum at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

The bat had been expected to fetch at least $80,000 to $90,000.

In 2008, a baggy green cap worn by Donald Bradman in the 1948 “invincibles” test series sold for $402,500.

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