Schuh Tobacco Roy Cazaly card
Schuh Tobacco Roy Cazaly card

The first Australian Rules cigarette cards were issued with Old Judge Cigarettes in 1890. Only one series of eleven cards was issued. Sniders and Abrahams’ Standard Cigarettes issued 16 sets of football cards (totalling almost 800 different cards)  from 1904 until the First World War (1914). WD & HO Wills began issuing football cards in 1905 and continued until 1933. From that year both Hoadleys and Allans began including football cards with their confectionary. Through the 1950s, football cards were issued with Kornies cereals and the Argus newspaper and were sold in Coles stores. From 1963 to 1987, a huge range of cards were issued with Scanlens chewing gum. From 1993, Select Australia began producing football cards for the trading card market.

The most sought after Australian Rules cards are the Sniders and Abrahams 1904-1914 sets and the Kornies cards from the 1950s featuring players such as John Coleman, Bill Hutchison, Hugh Mitchell and the Dick Reynolds.

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