Sawankalok pot
Sawankalok pot

The ceramics industry in Thailand began early in the Sukhotai period (around 1350) when potters migrated south to escape the Mongol invasion of Sung Dynasty China. They congregated near Sawankalok.

The Sawankalok pots were early examples of mass production. The items to be fired were stacked in kilns with metal plates separating the various layers. These left gouges in the upper surface of each item. Five of these marks can be clearly seen on most Sawankalok pots.

The most numerous of these pieces are buff coloured with symbolic wheel designs (“chakras”) or single or paired fish. Many plates were produced in this style, as well as celadon and other wares, but the most attractive pieces are small buff jars with whimsical designs.

Today, the Thai ceramics industry produces items which are more similar to the Chinese export ware of the past 100 years.

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