Buddha in royal attire (ca 16th century)
Buddha in royal attire (ca 16th century)

Thailand has had its own unique culture since the 13th century when the Thai people broke away from the Khmer empire. Until the 16th century there were two distinct kingdoms in what is now Thailand. The Lanna kingdom in the north and the Thai in the south.

Thai art is divided into periods named after the capitals of these kingdoms. The Lanna kingdom had its capital at Chiengsaen and later at Chiang Mei.

The Thai people established their first capital at Sukhothai. It was during the Sukhothai period that the most characteristic Thai ceramics and sculptures were produced.

In 1350, the capital moved to Ayutthaya. The dominant art form of the four hundred years of the Ayutthaya period was bronze sculpture, particularly Buddhas.

Ayutthaya was destroyed by Burmese armies in 1767 and the capital moved briefly to Thorn Buri and then the current site, Bangkok.

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