Thermos jug by Georg Jensen (1938)
Thermos jug by Georg Jensen (1938)

The Danish silversmith Georg Jensen is widely regarded as having produced some of the most outstanding silver works of the 20th century. Jensen was a sculptor who began working in silver in 1904. His minimal use of decoration followed the Scandinavian tradition but was a great contrast to the extravagant decoration of the dominant English styles of the late 19th century.

His most famous works employ grape and magnolia motifs. Many regard Georg Jensen’s cutlery, particularly that employing acorn and art nouveau motifs, as the best ever produced.

Jensen’s work sold well in Denmark from the beginning but his International fame followed the 1915 San Francisco World Fair at which William Randolph Hearst purchased the entire Georg Jensen silver exhibit.

Georg Jensen himself stopped designing silver wares in 1935 but his factory continues to produce high quality pieces which rely on form, rather than decoration, for their appeal.

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