English coffeepot (1764)
English coffeepot (1764)

Tea, coffee and chocolate became popular in England in the first half the 18th century. The earliest silver teapots, before about 1730, were pear-shaped. “Bullet-shaped” (almost spherical) teapots were popular from 1730 to about 1750 when the first English porcelain teapots became available. Silver teapots were rarely produced from that date until about 1770, when drum shaped, and later oval, teapots became popular. These remained popular until the 19th century when most teapots were rectangular.

Coffee and chocolate pots are taller than teapots to keep the spout above the sediment. Chocolate pots have have a hinged or detachable cap in the lid for a stirring rod. The earliest coffee and chocolate pots, before about 1730, were tapered cylinders with the handle at the side (rather than opposite the spout). Later in the 18th century, they were made in a more curved “baluster” shape. Around the turn of the 19th century, vase shaped pots were made but most manufacturers soon reverted to the baluster shape.

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