Micky Mouse Adventures #1
Micky Mouse Adventures #1

The first Disney comics appeared in 1930 when Walt began writing, and Ub Iwers drawing, a Mickey Mouse strip for the daily newspapers. The first comic books containing these strips were published in 1935 as Mickey Mouse Magazine. Disney’s characters sometimes appeared in a series of comic books called Four Color which contained a variety of newspaper strips. An all-Donald-Duck issue of Four Color was published in 1940. Shortly afterwards, Mickey Mouse Magazine was transformed into Walt Disney Comics and Stories which featured all of the Disney characters. From 1941, Walt Disney Comics and Stories began to include new material rather than just reprinted newspaper strips. From the late 1940s, Donald Duck comics outsold Mickey Mouse.

A distribution change in 1962 signalled the beginning of a long decline in the quality and popularity of Disney comics. Publication in the United States ceased entirely between 1984 and 1986.

As well as comics, it is possible to collect comic strip art. Generally, comic strips drawn by Disney artists were sent to a syndication company which produced the plates from which newspapers printed the cartoon strips. The artwork was then returned to Disney.


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