"Egg" chair (1958) by Arne Jacobsen
“Egg” chair (1958) by Arne Jacobsen

From the 18th century on, Scandinavians used native pine to reproduce foreign software styles, particularly Georgian and Hepplewhite. Paint was used to mimic veneers and other decoration. Sweden maintained its craft traditions while it industrialised so that by the time of the First World War, Swedes were still using traditional materials and techniques to produce functional furniture. By this time, the Arts and Crafts Movement had made simple, functional designs and good craftsmanship the fashion elsewhere in Europe and Swedish furniture seemed very up-to-date.

After World War 1, Alvar Aalto (a Finnish architect) and Josef Frank (a Swede), began promoting the “Swedish Modern” style. This combined the traditional use of softwood with mass production techniques, such as heat-moulding and the use of plywoo


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