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Tudor, Jacobean, Carolean & Cromwellian, Restoration, William and Mary, Queen Anne, Georgian, Regency and Victorian furniture

Furniture – English – Pre-Victorian (to 1830)

Furniture – English – Tudor (1485 – 1602) The increasing wealth in Europe following the Renaissance (from 1450) and exploration of the New World was reflected in the furniture in English homes from the reign of Henry V111. Prior to that time, furniture consisted of simple wooden benches, boxes of various sizes used as chairs, […]  Continue Reading »

English Furniture – Victorian (1830-1901)

With the burgeoning Industrial Revolution, machine-made furniture replaced hand-made. In the 1830’s machines were invented to cut veneer and to press designs, which would previously been carved, into timber. At the same time, improved transportation meant that a wide variety of imported timbers, including mahogany, rosewood, teak and ebony, become available, As a result the […]  Continue Reading »

Arts & Crafts Furniture (1870 – 1884)

The Arts and Crafts Movement began in England in reaction to the machine-made furniture and other items which had been made possible by the Industrial Revolution. The English Arts and Crafts Movement produced designs for every aspect of the decorative arts and was imitated on the Continent and in America. Arts and Crafts Furniture emphasises […]  Continue Reading »