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Settlement, Colonial, Victorian and Federation furniture

Australian Furniture – Settlement & Colonial (1788 – 1850)

By the early 1830s, Australia’s white population (including convicts) was still only about 60,000. So any items from this time are rare and important remnants of Australia’s early colonial period. Pieces were usually made to individual order, often based on a proven pattern from the English Georgian period designers. Most items were made of cedar, […]  Continue Reading »

Australian Furniture – Victorian (1850 – 1900)

As a result of the gold rushes of the 1850s, Australia’s population soared to about a million by 1865. The new wealth created a demand for larger and more ornate furniture with large bookcases and telescopic extending dining tables. Carving and fretwork was common but the quality of workmanship suffered somewhat under the pressure to […]  Continue Reading »

Australian Furniture – Federation (1900 – 1910)

The trend to simpler, squarer and more easily manufactured pieces continued into the 20th century. Cedar was becoming scarce and was rarely used except in cedar growing areas, like the Hunter; elsewhere, blackwood, pine and oak were used.   Australian Federation furniture available now(Clicking on an item of interest will open a new window)  Continue Reading »