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Thai antiques

Thailand – History

Thailand has had its own unique culture since the 13th century when the Thai people broke away from the Khmer empire. Until the 16th century there were two distinct kingdoms in what is now Thailand. The Lanna kingdom in the north and the Thai in the south. Thai art is divided into periods named after […]  Continue Reading »

Thai Ceramics

The ceramics industry in Thailand began early in the Sukhotai period (around 1350) when potters migrated south to escape the Mongol invasion of Sung Dynasty China. They congregated near Sawankalok. The Sawankalok pots were early examples of mass production. The items to be fired were stacked in kilns with metal plates separating the various layers. […]  Continue Reading »

Thai Bronzes

The Thais learned the art of bronze casting from the Indians. During the early centuries A.D., Indian culture totally dominated Thailand, and indeed most of South Asia, bringing with it Hindu and, later, Buddhist religion and art. In Thailand, the Indian Buddha image was influenced by Khmer and Burmese art to emerge as a unique […]  Continue Reading »

Thai Gold

Despite the fact that gold is not found in abundance in Thailand, a wealth of gold artefacts have been produced. The most popular use of gold was in the form of gold leaf applied to Buddha images to promote spiritual well-being. The characteristic Thai art of overlaying black lacquer with gold leaf to create intricately […]  Continue Reading »