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Australian pottery

Australian Ceramics

When the first white settles arrived in Australia in 1788, one of the first things they did was send clay samples to England for analysis. Josiah Wedgwood examined the samples and declared them excellent for making pottery. (He used the clay to make the “Sydney Cove Medallion”, a neoclassical relief depicting the figure of Hope […]  Continue Reading »

Australian Ceramics – Bendigo Pottery

George Guthrie, the founder of the Bendigo pottery, began his first pottery business, Camperdown Pottery, in Sydney in 1851. His most successful product was ginger beer bottles. Following a downturn in the market, Guthrie moved to Melbourne and then to Sandhurst (later called Bendigo) on the Victorian goldfields, where a superior white clay had been […]  Continue Reading »

Australian Ceramics – Premier Pottery

The Premier Pottery was established at Preston, in Melbourne, by Walter Dee and Reg Hawkins, two potters who were out of work as a result of the Depression. At first, Premier Pottery produced functional pieces very similar to English wares. But Dee soon began experimenting with glazes and developed a technique of overlaying different coloured […]  Continue Reading »