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copper bronze & brass

Copper, bronze & brass

Copper, Bronze & Brass

The working of copper began about 10,000 BC with the beating of small nuggets of copper, picked up from the ground, into use and decorative objects. Around 3,500 BC the process of producing copper from ores by smelting (initially in pottery kilns) was discovered and resulted in a great increase in the amount of copper […]  Continue Reading »

Chinese Bronzes

Although carvings in marble, bone and jade exist, the great art of the Shang dynasty (1523 to 1028 B.C.) was that of ritual bronze vessels. These were intended to hold wine, water, grain and meat to be used in sacrificial rites. The vessels were decorated with stylised representations of animals, governed by rigid conventions. A […]  Continue Reading »

Islamic Copper, Silver & Bronze

From 1037 to 1194, the Seljuks united Mesopotamia and most of Persia under their rule. During this period, the technique of decorating bronze vessels with inlaid silver or copper, or both, was developed in eastern Persia. From here the technique spread to Mosul (now Al Mawsil in northern Iraq) with which it became particularly associated. […]  Continue Reading »

Thai Bronzes

The Thais learned the art of bronze casting from the Indians. During the early centuries A.D., Indian culture totally dominated Thailand, and indeed most of South Asia, bringing with it Hindu and, later, Buddhist religion and art. In Thailand, the Indian Buddha image was influenced by Khmer and Burmese art to emerge as a unique […]  Continue Reading »