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Prints, paintings, posters, etchings, maps etc


Posters have been produced since the printing press was invented in the 15th century. Until about 1800, however, posters were mainly text with sometimes a small illustration. The invention of lithography, in 1798, made it much easier to include colour illustrations in posters. This, and the need to advertise the new mass-produced goods being produced […]  Continue Reading »


The oldest existing maps are clay tablets made in Babylon around 2300 BC. The first map to represent the known world is believed to have been drawn by the Greek philosopher Anaximander in the 6th century BC. One of the most famous ancient maps was drawn by Eratosthenes in about 200 BC. It showed the […]  Continue Reading »

Victorian Etchings

The first etchings were made early in the 17th century as a quick way of producing engravings. In engraving, the design is cut directly on the surface of a copper plate that is used for printing. In etching, the plate is covered with a thin coating of wax on which the design is drawn with […]  Continue Reading »

Chinese Painting

The Chinese considered painting to be the only fine art. The artist looked to the past for inspiration. Recreating past masterpieces was regarded as a worthwhile and honourable endeavour – unlike in the West, where it is regarded as forgery! Since the Sung Dynasty ((980 to 1279) landscape painting has been predominant. The characteristic style […]  Continue Reading »

Japanese Painting & Prints

Civil wars were fought in Japan between rival shoguns for much of the time between 1333 and 1573. The samurai, a caste of professional warriors, became extremely influential throughout this period in all aspects of Japanese life including the arts. The samurai were attracted to the self-discipline and self-reliance emphasised by Zen Buddhism which they […]  Continue Reading »