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Including art periods, patent and design dates and hints for dating antiques

Hints for Dating Antiques and Collectables

Date letters were used on English silver from 1478. The wood screw was introduced in about 1660.  The clock pendulum was invented in 1660.  Walnut generally replaced oak in English furniture from about 1690.  Cut glass was first produced in England in 1709.  Mahogany generally replaced walnut in English cabinet making from about 1725.  "Tears" […]  Continue Reading »

U.S. Patent & Design Registration Dates

  First US Patent No. issued in that year First US Design No. issued in that year First British Design No. issued in that year 1790 to 1835 not numbered     1836 1     1837 110     1838 546     1839 1106     1840 1465     1841 1923   […]  Continue Reading »

Art & Reign Periods

Art Periods Gothic 1550-1820 Baroque 1620-1700 Rococo 1700-1750 Gothic Revival 1750-1770 Neo-Classical 1770-1830 Eclectic 1830-1870 Arts & Crafts 1870-1884 Art Nouveau 1884-1918 Art Deco 1918-1939     English Monarchs and Periods Style Monarch Royal House 1485-1588 Tudor Henry V11 1485 – 1509 Tudor Henry V111 1509 – 1547 Edward V1 1547 – 1553 Lady Jane […]  Continue Reading »

Ivory, Bone or Plastic?

Genuine Ivory? Some argue that only elephant tusks are really ivory; others accept a number of other materials, such as walrus tusks, as being ivory. There are, however, many products, such as bone and plastics, which are sometimes passed off as ivory although they are clearly not ivory. Some of the natural substances which are […]  Continue Reading »