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Household utensils

Kitchen Utensils

The invention of the cooking range in 1780 changed the nature of cooking pots and pans. Prior to that, cooking was done over an open fire as it had been for thousands of years. Over the fire was a spit for roasting, a round-bottomed cauldron for stewing hung over the fire and a flat-bottomed “kettle” […]  Continue Reading »


At the end of the 17th century, vintners discovered that wine matured better if it was taken from the cask and stored in a glass bottle sealed with a cork. Ever since a great deal of ingenuity has gone into devising the best way of removing the cork. The earliest surviving corkscrews date from the […]  Continue Reading »

Laundry Equipment

Many implements used in the laundry before the electric washing machine are becoming rare and collectable. These include the washing dolly, which was a long stick with base resembling a wooden stool and a crossbar at the other end. The dolly was held by the crossbar and thrust up and down to agitate the washing. […]  Continue Reading »