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militaria & weapons

Militaria and weapons


The term “militaria” is used for military collectables excluding weapons. Firearms and edged weapons are, of course, collectible in their own right. Types of collectible militaria include uniforms, headdress, badges and medals. Relatively few uniforms from before the 20th century have survived; not only were they usually subject to extremely hard ware but they tend […]  Continue Reading »

Edged Weapons (European)

The first bronze swords were made about 2,000 BC. Two types of bronze swords were made: a cutting sword with a broad leaf-shaped blade and a thrusting sword with a longer, narrow blade. The Assyrians are believed to have introduced the sword as a weapon of war. Iron swords were used by the Greeks from […]  Continue Reading »

Indian Daggers

Traditionally, in India the dagger indicated the background and status of the wearer. Maharajas vied with each other, commissioning the finest craftsmen to make the most beautiful and valuable weapons, decorated with precious metals and rare jewels. At the same time, plain steel daggers were used by ordinary men in the battlefield. There were many […]  Continue Reading »

Japanese Swords

Ancient Japanese swords were straight and two-edged. During the 9th century, the “modern” style of sword, which has a single-edged curved blade, was developed. From this time on, sword making flourished in south-west Japan. During the 11th and 12th centuries, widespread civil war created a great demand for swords. The samurai warrior caste arose during […]  Continue Reading »