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Monster Poster Price

A poster for the 1931 “Frankenstein” movie, starring Boris Karloff, has been sold by Heritage Auctions in Dallas for  $262,900 ($au338,000) – a new record for an insert movie poster. (Insert posters are printed on card stock and designed to be inserted into display cases in movie theaters.) The poster is 35 centimetres wide and 91 […]  Continue Reading »

High Prices for Corkscrews

Until now, only one example of a Charles Osborne corkscrew was known. In November, another version appeared on French eBay. It sold for €22,410 ($au 31,000). The next day, a second Osborne corkscrew appeared.  Continue Reading »

Record Price for Pocket Watch

A gold pocket watch made by Patek Philippe for Henry Graves, a New York banker, in 1933 has sold for a record $27 million at auction in Geneva. The previous record, set 15 years ago, was $12 million.  Continue Reading »

Record Price for Ch’ing Vase Despite Repairs

A Ch’ing Dynasty vase has been sold at auction in New England for $us24,723,000 – the highest price ever paid in the United States fr a Ch’ing vase.  Continue Reading »

Bradman Bat Sold Well Below Estimate

The bat used by Don Bradman at the start of his his Test career in 1928 has been sold at auction in Melbourne for $60,0000 more than $20,000 below the expected price.  Continue Reading »

Record Price for Chinese Porcelain

A rare Ming-era wine cup has broken the world auction record for any Chinese porcelain. The “Chicken Cup” sold for $38.5 million to the Shanghai billionaire investor, Liu Yiqian at an auction in Hong Kong.  Continue Reading »

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