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Record Price for Ch’ing Vase Despite Repairs

A Ch’ing Dynasty vase has been sold at auction in New England for $us24,723,000 – the highest price ever paid in the United States fr a Ch’ing vase.  Continue Reading »

Bradman Bat Sold Well Below Estimate

The bat used by Don Bradman at the start of his his Test career in 1928 has been sold at auction in Melbourne for $60,0000 more than $20,000 below the expected price.  Continue Reading »

Scrap Dealer Finds $33 million Egg

A scrap metal dealer has sold a gold Faberge egg, which he bought for $13,000, for $33.3 million. The unidentified scrap metal dealer purchased the ornate metal egg in a flea market in the American Midwest thinking that he could sell it at a modest profit for the gold content. The dealer began to suspect […]  Continue Reading »

Record Price for Chinese Porcelain

A rare Ming-era wine cup has broken the world auction record for any Chinese porcelain. The “Chicken Cup” sold for $38.5 million to the Shanghai billionaire investor, Liu Yiqian at an auction in Hong Kong.  Continue Reading »

When Is “Since Sliced Bread”?

The first automatic bread slicer was built in 1912 by Otto Frederick Rohwedder of Davenport, Iowa. However, Rohwedder was unable to attract any interest in his invention and his blueprints and prototype were destroyed in a fire in 1917. The main problem was that the sliced bread became stale more quickly than whole loaves. It […]  Continue Reading »

Why the Telephone Dial Was Invented by a Frustrated Undertaker

Early telephones had no dial. You picked up the earpiece and turned a handle, This alerted an operator at the telephone exchange who plugged a cable into a jack. You could then tell the operator the number that you wanted to connect to and the operator plugged another cable into that customer’s jack. In the […]  Continue Reading »

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